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This section of the website allows to start threads and discussion for members to share information, ask questions and discuss hot topics in the industry.

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  1. Dennis L Insley

    Jan. 23, 2015

    Do we have subject headings of which to choose or how do we start a heading for discussion?

    1. Kelley Jettie

      Jan. 23, 2015

      Once you are logged into the Member Area you can start a new forum by clicking the "Start a Thread" button on the Discussion Forum tab (green button on the top right). This button opens a window to enter the title and content of your thread. This page is open for members to discuss industry news, share information, and ask questions, so you may choose any subject heading you'd like to submit to the group. Members must be logged in to start a thread or reply to a forum.

  2. Kelley Jettie

    Jan. 21, 2015

    Just log in to the Member Area and click "Leave A Reply" in order to join the forum discussion.