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President's Monthly Message


Well we had a first meeting at our new venue and I thought it went well. I recieved a lot of positive feeedback and I look forward to having our meetings at Ford's Garage.  I want to thank Gary Walls from Utilities Istrumentations Services Inc. for a great presentation on Why, What, When, and Who of Electrical Maintenance. Hopefully everyone got something out of the presentation. I also want to thank the other members of the board (Scott,Ed,Doug, Joe ham) for helping me find the new venue. That was our first task as the new board since O'Kelly's Hall was being sold. This month our newest Board member Doug Klingensmith started as Sergeant of Arms welcome Doug. On that note I wanted to thank Joe Ham for serving the last 4 years on the board and I look forward to seeing him at future meetings. As always if there is anything the Board can do for the membership let one of the Board members know.  I look forward to serving as your President and I will hopefully see you next month at the PAL Stadium. Have a great month


Fred Reddig


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Calendar of Events

For our February meeting, I am excited the PAL(Police Athelic League) stadium will be the host of our next meeting.  It was built on the original spot of the old Tiger's Stadium with home plate still in its original spot.  Tours will be available and of course networking with all of our great members.  PAL will also be talking to us about all of the wonderful programs that are involved with.

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50/50 Winners

Keith Armbruster

Marty Calabrese

Geneve Patry

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