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President's Monthly Message


This month's meeting was my last one as President and I must say it was a good journey. I wanted to thank all the board members for the kind words expecially Scott Kaplan. It was a great experience and I wish the board all the best.  I also wanted to welcome John Philbrook as our new Sargent of Arms and wish him all the best.  Our presentation was about fire systems and I thought Elite Fire and Honeywell did a great job thank you Nate. We had alot of prizes this month thanks to Elite Fire and Doug K and I believe we had alot of happy people at the end of the meeting. Again thank you all for letting me serve on the Board of Directors it was truly an honor.  Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season and I hope to  see you all next year.


Fred Reddig


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Welcome New Members

John Rye Jr. - Busche Performance Group

Dallas Ahrens - W.S.I. Industrial Services, Inc.

Thomas R. Osberger - TRO Sales Company

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Calendar of Events

January's meeting will be held at Ford's Garage on January 16th, 2020

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50/50 Winners

Laura Johnson-Snyder - 50/50 & $100 Gift Card

Andi Opari, Ron Rushing & Chip Bidigare - 50/50

Steve Koski - $100 Gift Card & Kroger Card

Brett Irick, Brian VanKlingeren & John Philbrook - Kroger Card

Paul Feys - $100 Gift Card & Fishing Rod

Tim Turner - USI Peanuts

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